Episode 32: Dan Schoenbaechler: Beginning Investing and Working with Agents

“Wholesale Real Estate” – Dan Schoenbaechler


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Born and raised in the suburbs of New York City in Northern NJ. Dan Schoenbaechler has held various Sales positions before getting into Commercial Real Estate in 2008. Dan is now an Agent with Keller Williams City Life Realty in Hoboken. The knowledge he gained from working on investment properties helps him assist his clients in making wise choices as they make some of the largest financial decisions of their lives.

Dan is primarily an investors agent. He is an investor and helps others to find their foundation in the 2-4 Multifamily Residential market. Dan has recently closed on a multifamily in North Bergen and is currently “house hacking”. Meaning: He is living in the property and fixing it up. His current investment plan is to acquire a property every two years… Building a portfolio that sustains. Goals: Getting into triple net properties…

On Keller Williams Realty:

“Teaching Realtors how to run their businesses.”
“Network with Rockstars”
KW has a “Sharing” culture

On finding an Agent:
-Get pre-approved or have proof of funds readily available. Any agent worth his license will ask you for this BEFORE they work with you.
-Know your criteria. Single or Multi? Location? Return on Investment…?
-Run the other way if the Agent will start working with you with out knowing this first.

Words of Wisdom:
“Follow up.”
“Have realistic expectations of the market.”


How to get a hold of Dan for more information regarding properties in NJ or to talk to him about connecting with real estate agents in your area. Keller Williams has an EXTENSIVE NETWORK of agents that can assist you in all aspects of Real Estate:


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