What Does Flipping Houses Mean – Investor Summary for a New Deal

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Ep. 1: Your Future starts now! Transform your life with Real Estate
Ep. 2: Meet Trevor McGregor
Ep. 3: Find a real framework for Multifamily investing with Gino Barbaro
Ep. 4: Massive Profits, Simple Life with Joe Fairless
Ep. 5: Flying from 2 deals to 150 Deals with Bill Allen
Ep. 6: Foundation Inspection Friday: Public Accountability
Ep. 7: Andy McFarland: Providing the Opportunity to Thrive
Ep. 8: Foundation Inspection Friday: Large Apt Investing with Kevin Dowling
Ep. 9: BOOOM! Justin Williams Discovers Systems and Rising Above the Negative and Naysayers
Ep. 10: Foundation Inspection Friday: Hiring Employees
Ep. 12: Foundation Inspection Friday: Finding Mentors
Ep. 13: Just Get Started with Mike Cowper and Mike Simmons
Ep. 14: Foundation Inspection Friday – Accountability Update with Kevin Dowling
Ep. 15: Connecting Everything with Alex Franks
Ep. 16: Foundation Inspection Friday: Finding your Morning Rituals
Ep. 17: Reed Goossens: Adventures in Backpacking and Syndicated Investments
Ep. 18: Foundation Inspection Fridays: Syndication with Kevin Dowling
Ep. 19: Travis Cotter and Steven Libman: Permission to Succeed
Ep. 20: Zachary and Stephanie Betters: A Real Estate Love Story
Ep. 21: Foundation Inspection Friday: MASTERMIND MEETING FOR 7 FIGURE FLIPPING
Ep. 22: Beka Shea: Engineering Success in Real Estate
Ep. 23: John Martinez: Everyone can learn Sales
Ep. 24: Foundation Inspection Friday: Finding Deals with Kevin Dowling
Ep. 25: MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS: Investment Update
Ep. 26: J. Darrin Gross: Networking, Diversification, and Getting into Something BIGGER.
Ep. 27: FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAYS: Building Out Your Sales Team
Ep. 28: MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS: Why Multifamily?
Ep. 29: Darren Sager: Our First Mentor
Ep. 31: MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS: Market Identification
Ep. 32: Dan Schoenbaechler: Beginning Investing and Working with Agents
Ep. 33: FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAYS: “Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows.”
Ep. 34: MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS: Team Building
Ep. 35: Danny Johnson: Developing Financial Freedom in Real Estate
Ep. 38: Nick Raithel: Let Nick Write Your Book
Ep. 39: FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAYS: Facebook Marketing Foundations
Ep. 40: MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS: Risky Business
Ep. 41: Jeremiah Johnson: Riding for Dollars
Ep. 43: MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS: Accountability Report
Ep. 44: John Azar: Family Power and Multifamily Domination
Ep. 45: FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAYS: Is a Real Estate License Needed?
Ep. 46: MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS: Managing your Property Manager
Ep. 47: Kevin Bupp: An Attitude of Gratitude, FOCUS, and Mobile Homes!
Ep. 49: MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS: A different way for Small Multifamily
Ep. 50: Melissa Johnson: FLIPPING JUNKIE
Ep. 52: Multifamily Mondays: Creating a Business – The Advantages of Buying Multifamily Properties
Ep. 53: Ben Leybovich and Darren Sager: Hack This!
Ep. 54: Foundation Inspection Fridays: The Home Depot Time Suck
Ep. 55: MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS: How to present a strong offer
Ep. 56: Michael Blank: The Rule of the First Deal
Ep. 57: FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAYS: Solving Sellers Situations
Ep. 59: Don Costa: Know Your Value
Ep. 60: Time Versus Money: Jide Allufa and Marvin Espinal
Ep. 61: From 0 to 7 Figures: Dave Beford and Steven Pesavento
Ep. 62: Maximum Return On Investment: FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAYS
Ep. 63: MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS: Multifamily Mindshift
Ep. 64: Lane Kawaoka: Multifamily with Aloha!
Ep. 66: MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS: Kevin Dowling Multifamily Update
Ep. 67: Paul Moore: How (NOT) to Lose Money
Ep. 69: MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS: Boots on the Ground
Ep. 70: Rod Khleif: Visualize THIS!
Ep. 71: FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAY: So Flipping Uncomfortable!
Ep. 72: MULTIFAMILY MONDAY: Mindset of Multifamily
Ep. 73: Bill Zahller: Flying From SFR to Large Multifamily
Ep. 75: MULTIFAMILY MONDAY: Multifamily Mastery Conference With Jake and Gino
Ep. 76: Julita Moss: Longevity in Investing
Ep. 77: FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAY: The Business of Balance
Ep. 78: MULTIFAMILY MONDAY: Is Large Multifamily Just Another SHINY OBJECT???
Ep. 79: Rick Doherty and Chris Cieslak: Making Millions from Shiny Objects
Ep. 80: FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAY: Never Stop Your Marketing Machine. Ever.
Ep. 81: MULTIFAMILY MONDAY: Do Not Wait To Take Action!!!
Ep. 82: Adam Rae: Collaboration – The Best Idea Wins
Ep. 84: MULTIFAMILY MONDAY: Finding Off-Market Deals
EP. 85: From Corporate to over 200 units with Andrew Campbell
Ep. 86: Find the Deal and the Money Will Come: FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAY
Ep. 87: How is Multifamily like running a Marathon: MULTIFAMILY MONDAY
Ep. 88: From House Hacking to Controlling $4.5 M in Real Estate with Danny Randazzo
Ep. 90: Keeping in Touch with Your Network: MULTIFAMILY MONDAY
Ep. 91: Nixon Vayupakparnonde and Ernie Vargas: The Probate Kings
Ep. 93: Acquisition Update: MULTIFAMILY MONDAY
Ep. 94: Solutions for Sellers with Thomas DeMoss
Ep. 95: Conquer Your Future Now!
Ep. 96: Start the NEW YEAR with a strong WHY! : MULTIFAMILY MONDAY
Ep. 97: A Real Estate Empire, Three Books on Real Estate and Making Family First with J Scott
Ep. 98: Have your WHY lead you to your Goals!
Ep. 100: Where Focus Goes Energy Flows with Coach Trevor McGregor
Ep. 101: BOOM! Saying no to good to say YES to GREAT with Justin and Tara Williams
Ep. 102: Discover how awesome it is to GIVE VALUE!: FOUNDATION INSPECTION FIRDAY
Ep. 103: Building The Machine with the Queen of Systems Beka Shea
Ep. 104: From Serving in the Navy to Becoming a 7-FIgure Entrepreneur with Bill Allen
Ep. 105: Let’s talk 2-4 Units!!! MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS
Ep. 106: A 7 Figure Partnership with Mike Cowper and Mike Simmons
Ep. 107: How to Help 274 People with Andy McFarland
Ep. 108: From Restaurateur to Multifamily Mega Investor with Gino Barbaro
Ep. 109: The Importance Affirmations and Taking Action: FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAY
Ep. 110: From Bench Pressing 265lbs to Controlling 265 Million in Real Estate with Joe Fairless
Ep. 111: Building Partnerships: MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS
Ep. 112: The Fundamentals of Syndication with Ike Mutabanna
Ep. 113 What’s Your Biggest Fear? FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAY
Ep. 114: What You Need to Get Started: MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS
Ep. 115: Become a Marketer with Trevor Chapman
Ep. 117: Investing Out of State: MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS
Ep. 118 Making Real Connections with Adam Adams
Ep: 119: Surrounding Yourself with Positivity! FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAY
Ep. 120: 5 Ways to Surround Yourself with Awesomeness: MULTIFAMILY MONDAY
Ep. 121 Creating Systems That Scale with Gabe DaSilva
Ep: 122: Always Searching for a Better Way: FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAY
Ep. 123: Ready..Fire..Aim! MULTIFAMILY MONDAY
Ep. 124: Making Hard Decisions with Mark Kenney
Ep 125: The Business of People: FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAY
Ep 126: Finding the Money and Syndication: MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS
Ep. 127: King of Automation with Mark Podolsky
Ep 128: Why Foundation Inspection? FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAY
Ep. 129: What to do when a Deal falls apart: MULTIFAMILY MONDAY!
Ep. 130: Nailing Your First Deal with Ola Dantis
Ep 132: How BIG Should you GO??? How large of a deal should you take on for your first one?
Ep. 133: Emir Dukic – Massive Returns from an Air BNB Empire!
Ep. 134: Constant Marketing, Constant Contact.
Ep. 135: Finding Value in Apartment Investing- LIVE!!!
Ep. 136: Scaling New Heights with Funding Deals with Ray Williamson
Ep. 137: The Unlimited Power of Teamwork and Partnerships
Ep. 138: Create Your Mastermind!
Ep. 139: Matt Rodak wants to Fund That Flip
Ep. 140: Crushing Your Goals One Quarter at a time!
Ep. 141: Dominate Your First Investor Pitch Before You Do A Deal
Ep. 142: Why after 40 Businesses and over $100 M in Sales Nathan Tabor Chooses Apartment Investing!
Ep. 143: Tracking Your Marketing Successes!!
Ep. 145: Why Multifamily, A Revisit
Ep. 146: How John Casmon ended up in control of a $18 million portfolio
Ep. 147: Time to Ramp things up??
Ep. 148: Tips to Invest in Multifamily Properties
Ep. 149: The role mentorship has played for Justin Colby
Ep. 151: Multifamily Monday – Should you be sitting on the Sidelines in this Overpriced Market
Ep. 152: How Sve Pavic became a big real estate investor without using his own money
Ep. 153: 5 Steps To Get You Started Investing In Multifamily
Ep. 155: How Allison Kirschbaum makes real estate investors into industry-dominating thought leaders
Ep. 156: Eight Ways To Conquer Your Future STARTING TODAY !
EP. 157: Multifamily Monday – The Secret to Finding Your Next Deal
Ep. 158: How Tom Cafarella switched from becoming a doctor to a real estate investor
Ep: 159: Be in Control of Your Why!
EP. 160: Multifamily Monday – Large Vs. Small Multifamily Investing : The Big Debate
Ep. 161: Jeff Charlton knows the ins and outs of marketing real estate investment
Ep. 162: You are not Good at Everything: DELEGATE.
Ep. 163: Creating A Community Through Multifamily!: MULTIFAMILY MONDAY
Ep. 164: How Tarl Yarber’s choice of real estate over college brought him success
Ep. 165: Put in the Time and the Results will Come!
Ep. 166: Create your EDGE in Finding Multifamily
Ep. 167: Using a people-first approach with Lauren Hardy
EP. 168: The Rebellion was Built on Hope but You Need to Do the WORK!
Ep. 169: Achieving Your Goals By Finding Your Missing Persons List
Ep. 170: Doing 120 Wholesales in 30 Months with Scott Bower
Ep. 171: Get out of the Busy and Back to the Important!
Ep. 172: Getting Farther Ahead By Getting Back To The Basics
Ep. 173: How Ryan Robson Kicks Butt doing 100+ deals in Multiple Markets
Ep. 174: Is Your Full Time Job Getting In The Way!?!?
Ep. 175: With Buying Multifamily You Win With Followup
Ep. 176: Conquering Retirement By Buying Apartment Buildings and Student Housing with Jeff Greenberg
Ep. 177: C-R-E-A-T-E Your Day! Your Deserve it!
Ep. 178: Are You Buying Your Multifamily Properties With The End Buyer In Mind!?!
Ep. 179: Amanda Nadia Abdelsayed Closes $20 Million Dollars of Real Estate Transactions In Her First Year of as a Real Estate Agent!!
Ep. 180: It’s Halftime At The Super Bowl Of Your Year !
Ep. 181: Show Me The Money … How To Have A Successful Money Raise !!!
Ep. 182: From High School Shop Teacher to Rockstar Real Estate Investor
EP. 183: Surround Yourself With Top Performers …
Ep. 184: In the Market For A Good Multifamily Market !?!
Ep. 185: Allan Szlafrok Builds An Empire With Small Multifamily Properties !
Ep. 186: Consistent Open Minded Marketing Brings You More Than Just Leads
Ep. 187: Do Good and Do Well In Senior Housing With Gene Guarino!
Ep. 189: Create Your Lifestyle Starting … Now
Ep. 190: How Many Tools Are In Your Multifamily Toolbelt?
Ep. 191: How Power Multifamily Broker Tyler Advises Clients To Multifamily Success!
Ep. 192: The Speed of Implementation
Ep. 193: The Power of Partnering to Buy Multifamily Properties!
Ep. 194: How Yonah Weiss Helps You Save Thousands On Your Taxes with Cost Segreagation
Ep. 195: You Want to Wait to Get Started …
Ep. 196: Get Started In Multifamily Today Regardless of What You Are Waiting For…
Ep. 197: Investing Lessons to Take Control of Your Life with M.C. Laubscher
Ep. 199: How To Build A Team To Buy Large Multifamily Properties Out Of State
Ep. 200: John Lee Dumas Finds the Truth to This One Question
Ep. 201: Are You Knowing Your Why And Building Out From There?!?
Ep. 202: Master Your Multifamily Terms
Ep. 203: How Chris and Lauren Cranford crush it with Texas real estate while living in China !!
Ep. 204: The Road To Success Is Always Under Construction!
Ep. 205: Building out your brand!
Ep. 206: Andrew Cushman took the leap from Corporate to making flavored popcorn in his kitchen to successfully acquiring 1,796 multifamily units!
Ep.207: Surround yourself with the best!
Ep. 208: Go out there and get busy!
Ep. 209: How the BRRRR method and a mentor helped Devin Elder Scale to New Real Estate Heights!
Ep. 210: Foundation Inspection Friday surround yourself with the best part. 2
EP. 211: Surrounding yourself with other positive action takers may be the key to your multifamily success!
Ep. 212: Massive Action With Alternative Real Estate Investing with Hunter Thompson !!
EP. 213: Key mentors part 3, Darren Sager!
EP. 214: Make the offer, take the action… DO IT NOW!!!
Ep. 215: A snowball on a rollercoaster: Crushing multifamily investments with Joseph Gozlan
Ep. 216: How to take your business to the next level!
Ep. 217: Key steps in underwriting deals!
Ep. 218: Making the jump from the stock market to real estate.
Ep. 219: Improving yourself and your business!
Ep. 220: What I Wish I Knew Before Starting to Invest In Multifamily Properties!
Ep. 221: The in’s and out’s of Investorfuse with Dan Schwartz!
EP. 222: What was the reason for the first deal
EP. 223: Do you have to invest out of state?!?
Ep. 224: Partnerships built for success with Holly Williams!
EP. 225: Invest today or regret tomorrow
Ep. 226: All things apartment investing!
Ep. 227: From 3 to 43 rental units in a year!!!
Ep. 228: The Power of a Mastermind!
Ep. 229: Keys to figuring out rent comps!
Ep. 230: Deals are all about relationships! With Ben Leybovich & Sam Grooms
Ep. 231: Mastery Knows No ShortCut
Ep. 232: Don’t Know What Syndication Can Offer?
Ep. 233: Doubling acquisition rates every year with Clint Bartlett !
Ep. 234: Consistency Drives Progress and Allows Your To Hyper Focus
Ep. 235: How to improve your property from the outside in…
Ep. 236: All about self directed IRA with Scott Maurer
Ep. 237: Surround Yourself With Greatness
Ep. 238: Jake Stenziano Makes It Happen from Drug Rep to 900 Multifamily Apartment Units and Financial Freedom
Ep. 239: Find your zone of genius with Paul David Thompson!
Ep. 240: Help Yourself Before You Help Others
Ep. 241: Raising Income without touching rents…
Ep. 242: Taking the plunge into real estate with Liz Faircloth & Andresa Guidelli !
Ep. 243: Do You Really Want It!?
Ep. 244: Learn to talk with brokers…
Ep. 245: Invest in yourself, believe you are your biggest asset! 5 minutes to success with Karen Brisco!
Ep. 246: Hire Right and Build a Team that Lasts
Ep. 247: Successful Closing of a 48 Unit Apartment Building
Ep. 248: Want Banks BEGGING to Fund Your Next Commercial Deal?! John Matheson Shares His Secret Weapon That Gives YOU the POWER When Talking to Banks!
Ep. 249: Create Your Brand By Starting A Meetup!
Ep. 250: Get Into the Multifamily Action Today
Ep. 251: Want To Get Paid To Spend Time With Your Family? Julie and Annie Want to Educate You On the Power of Passive Income!
Ep. 252: Foundation Inspection Friday – Focus on Your Core Business
Ep. 253: Multifamily Monday: Finding Multiple Revenue Streams with Kevin Gardner
Ep. 254: Waiting on a Recession to Find Deals and START Investing??? – Omar Khan Explains
Ep. 255: A Throwback to Being on the ‘ Best Ever ‘ Podcast
Ep. 256: How to return 75% of Investor Equity after 13 Months
Ep. 257: Quit STRESSING and WASTING TIME Searching for a Commercial Real Estate Loans! Tim Milazzo Shows Us How!
Ep. 258: Create Your Lifestyle Starting … Now
Ep. 259: The Multifamily Minute
Ep. 260: Scaling Up Your Multifamily Acquisitions By Automating Your Underwriting With Enodo’s Marc Rutzen
Ep. 261: Taking Control of Your Outcome to Find Your Destiny
Ep. 262: How to Make Way Into A New Multifamily Market
Ep. 263: Want To Find Hidden, Off Market Deals Sterling White Shares How He Does It!
Ep. 264: Create A Community of Like Minded People to Propel You To Success
Ep. 265: Putting together an Investor Summary for a New Deal
Ep. 266: Having Trouble Focusing On Your Goals? Matt Faircloth Shares How Building the Right Team Could Help!
Ep. 267: Feeling Stuck in Your Business … Your not alone.
Ep. 268: Investing Out of State: MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS
Ep. 269: Playing catch up from the start! Ellie Perlman shares her success story and how you can Make your own!
Ep. 271: Are You Buying Your Multifamily Properties With The End Buyer In Mind!?!
Ep. 272: Crushing It with Buying Tax Defaulted Real Estate – Casey Denman
Ep. 273: Always Searching for a Better Way: FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAY
Ep. 274: Keeping in Touch with Your Network!
Ep. 275: “Neal Bawa Breaks Down Why “You” Need to be investing In Multifamily”
Ep. 276: Reset Your 2019 Focus Today!
Ep. 277: 5 Must Do Steps When Analyzing A Multifamily Deal!
Ep. 278: Looking to Level Up and Grow Your Real Estate Business? – Greg Dickerson
Ep. 279: Have your WHY lead you to your Goals!
Ep. 280: MULTIFAMILY MONDAY: Is Large Multifamily Just Another SHINY OBJECT???
Ep. 281: Always Fail Forward…With Only ONE Exception! Find Out Here with Dino Pierce
Ep. 282: Don’t Always Jump to Decide What is Truly Good or Bad for You in the End?
Ep. 283: All Things Apartment Investing!
Ep. 284: Are You New to Investing? Looking to Expand Your Portfolio? Alina Trigub is Here to Guide You!
Ep. 285: TAKE ACTION NOW!!! – What are you waiting for?
Ep. 286: How To Find Great Distressed Apartment Deals with Nathan Tabor!
Ep. 287: The Value of “Hands On” Education and Team Building with Nizan Mosery!
Ep. 288: Always Finding the Good in Your Day!
Ep. 289: Finding $10 million In Value through Forced Appreciation in a Hot Market!
Ep. 290: John Cohen Leaves a Successful Financial Services Job to doing over $350 Million in Real Estate in Transactions.
Ep. 291: Teach Your Kids About Money in a Fun and Exciting New Book Series with Danny and Caitlin Randazzo
Ep. 293: Are You a Fearful or Faithful “What If” Person? Tim Bratz Is Here to Talk Mindset For Action!
Ep. 292: Master the Art of Keeping the Maximum Amount of Money While Buying and Selling Multifamily Properties with Dave Foster, the 1031 Investor!
Ep. 294: Do Things With Intent! Justin Williams Joins Us To Talk About Distractions and Negativity and How To Avoid Them!
Ep. 295: Securities Lawyers and How They Play a Part On Your Team
Ep. 296: Why You Should Be Investing In Out of State Markets with Marco Santarelli
Ep. 297: You Always Get What You WantIf You Go Out and Take It
Ep. 298: Key steps in underwriting deals
Ep. 299: From 2 Flips in a Year to 150! Learn How Jared Irby Continues to Expand His Business!
Ep. 300: Believe In Your Own Success and Everyone Elses Opinion Wont Matter
Ep. 301: How to Determine a Great Multifamily Investment as a Passive Investor
Ep. 302: Eric Satz Joins Us To Answer All Your Self-Directed IRA Questions
Ep. 303: Make Sure Your Course to Success is on Track
Ep. 304: Finding the Money and Syndication MULTIFAMILY MONDAYS
Ep. 305: Whats It Like Investing From Outside the U.S. Seth Ferguson Shares His Investing
Ep. 306: Its Time To Face The Music
Ep. 307: How to Find the Right Property Manager thats right for you
Ep. 308: Would You Leave a Job Making 150000 at 25 Years Old Coach Josh Cantwell
Ep. 309: Foundation Inspection Friday – The Business Of Balance
Ep. 310: Making Your Outcome with Multifamily REAL
Ep. 311: Investments Keeping You Up At Night Learn What Jeremy Roll Does To Minimize His Risk
Ep. 312: C-R-E-A-T-E Your Day Your Deserve it
Ep. 313: Keeping in Touch with Your Network MULTIFAMILY MONDAY
Ep. 314: What Would You Do If Money Didnt Matter with Ryan Enk
Ep. 315: Do The Work But Let The Results Happen
Ep. 316: Get Started In Multifamily Today Regardless of What You Are Waiting For…
Ep. 317: Bernard Reisz empowers real estate investors to maximize their finances!
Ep. 318: If You Do What You Always Did, You’re Gonna Get What You Always Got!
Ep. 319: Make Sure To Be Reasonable In Your Expectations of Your Repositioning Phase
Ep. 320: Brad Smotherman Breaks Down Owner Financing and the Many Benefits This Strategy Has!
Ep. 321: Improving yourself and your business!
Ep. 322: “Neal Bawa Breaks Down Why “You” Need to be investing In Multifamily”
Ep. 323: “the Note Guy” himself, Scott Carson Joins Us To Talk All Things Notes and Why It’s Such a Niche In the Market!
Ep. 324: Fine Tuning Your Best Self – Real Estate Investing Podcast
Ep. 325: Real Estate Agent and Syndicator, Dan Schoenbaechler!
Ep. 326: Gary Holloway Jr. Takes Us Back To School And Gives Us a Lesson On Acquiring and Developing Student Housing!
Ep. 327: You Want to Wait to Get Started – Real Estate Podcast
Ep. 328: Understanding The Cost of Capital – Jason Yarusi
Ep. 329: Maximizing Your Real Estate Business with Opportunity Zones!
Ep. 330: Surrounding Yourself with Positivity!
Ep. 331: How Can I
Ep. 332: Helping People Win With with Christopher Calandra
Ep. 333: Keep Your Promise
Ep. 334: Five Ways to Get Started In Syndication Today
Ep. 335: How To Find Off-Market Deals with James Kandasamy
Ep. 336: How To Refocus and Rebrand Your Focus
Ep. 337: 5 Ways You Can Bring Value with Multifamily!
Ep. 338: The Softer Side of Hard Money Lending with David Hansel from Alpha Funding Solutions
Ep. 339: Unleveling Your Life and Business Through Masterminding
Ep. 340: How Grant Cardone Can Help You In Large Multifamily