Value. Vision. Versatility. 

Yarusi Holdings is a multifamily investment firm that repositions under performing properties through operational efficiencies, rebranding and value-add renovations.

Our Investment Strategy

Value-add, rebranding, management and the successful exit of undervalued multifamily properties acquired on and off market. We acquire properties that have been badly maintained and mismanaged. With our successful process of repositioning through branding, renovations and better management we are able to drastically improve the value of the asset and provide our investors with monthly passive income, tax advantages and a proven ability to correctly exit a property to provide our investors and partners with the greatest return on their investment.

Our Portfolio


Exceptional exits have taken Yarusi Holdings full cycle from Acquisition, Reposition and Disposition. The implementation of successful repositioning strategies and an outstanding asset management team has exceeded financial expectations in the successful exit of multiple assets.

SOLD - Norbrook Arms

A 94 Unit Multifamily Property in Louisville, KY.
Position: Asset Manager, Sponsor and General Partner 
Holding Period: 32 Months
Increase in Valuation: 73%
IRR: 35.32%

SOLD - Preston Commons

A 48 Unit Multifamily Property in Louisville, KY.
Position: Asset Manager, Sponsor and General Partner
Holding Period: 35 Months
Increase in Valuation: 114%
IRR: 30.38%

SOLD - Huntington Lane

A 58 Unit Multifamily Property in 
Louisville, KY.
Position: Asset Manager, Sponsor and General Partner
Holding Period: 21 Months
Increase in Valuation: 51%
IRR: 43.92%

SOLD - Legacy - Lanier

A 150 Unit Multifamily Property in 
Lanier, GA.
Position: Asset Manager and General Partner
Holding Period: Coming Soon
Increase in Valuation: Coming Soon
IRR: Coming Soon

SOLD - Legacy - Norcross

A 100 Unit Property in 
Norcross, GA.
Position: Asset Manager and General Partner
Holding Period: Coming Soon
Increase in Valuation: Coming Soon
IRR: Coming Soon

SOLD - Orchard Manor 

A 32 Unit Multifamily Property in 
Louisville, KY.
Position: Asset Manager, Sponsor and General Partner
Holding Period: 30 Months
Increase in Valuation: 55%
IRR: 28.41%


Our active asset management style uses a three tier system to Rebrand, Reposition and Improve operations. We have continuous market analysis to match the property plan with market fundamentals to allow our team to choose the best path for investors and property.

Current Holdings:


A 93 Unit Multifamily Property in 
Murfreesboro, TN.
Position: Asset Manager, Sponsor and General Partner.

Life at Pine Village

A 76 Unit Multifamily Property in 
Decatur, GA.
Position: Asset Manager, Sponsor and General Partner.

Candler Village

A 90 Unit Multifamily Property in 
Decatur, GA.
Position: Asset Manager, Sponsor and General Partner.


A 20 Unit Short Term Rental Conversion
Nashville, TN
Position: Asset Manager, Sponsor and General Partner.

Chestnut Commons

A 48 unit Multifamily Property in 
Emmaus, PA.
Position: Asset Manager, Sponsor and General Partner.

Hamilton Court Apartments

A 24 Unit Multifamily Property in
Murfreesboro, TN.
Position: Asset Manager, Sponsor and
General Partner.

Nightingale Apartments

A 65 Unit Multifamily Property in 
Louisville, KY.
Position: Asset Manager, Sponsor and General Partner.

Reserve at Walnut Creek

A 284 unit Multifamily Property in Austin, TX.
Position: General Partner.

The Ross

A 99 Unit - 352 Bed Student Housing Development Property in Salisbury, MD.
Position: Asset Manager, Sponsor and General Partner.

Valley View Apartments

A 36 Unit Multifamily Property in 
Little Rock, AR. 
Position: Asset Manager, Sponsor and
General Partner.


Assertive Acquisitions. A continuous pipeline of deals flow through our extensive underwriting process. Offers given on properties that pass our deal testing. The deals are scrutinized against market comparables and metrics. We close on accepted offers that have been vetted through our intensive due diligence process and meets our investment standards. 

Meet The Team 

Jason Yarusi

Founding and Managing Member

Jason is an active Real Estate Syndicator and Real Estate Investor. Jason with his wife Pili are the founding and managing members of Yarusi Holdings, a multifamily investment firm with over 1100 units acquired since 2016. The firm repositions properties through operational efficiencies, moderate to extensive renovations and complete rebranding.
Jason also hosts The Multifamily Live Podcast a podcast that provides actionable content and tools to build and strengthen your multifamily business. Jason is founder of the New Jersey Multifamily Live Club with over 2,500 members that focuses on Real Estate Syndication and Multifamily Investing and trains other on the success formula to buying apartment buildings at

Jason has started and exited multiple businesses in the past 15 years and his family construction business has a niche industry position in raising and moving structures. The company has elevated over 2,000 homes in the last 7 years alone. Beyond real estate Jason spends his time with his wife Pili and 3 young kiddos Luke Lily and Leo and is an avid crossfitter and now lives in Tennessee.

Pili Yarusi

Founding and Managing Member

Pili Yarusi loves to help people and “Lead with Aloha”. 
She runs the Investor and Client Relations branches of both Yarusi Holdings and Multifamily Live. Multifamily Live is an interactive education platform for investors to build a strong FOUNDATION buying Large Multifamily. 

Pili is the co-host of the Multifamily Live Podcast, trains other on the success formula to buying apartment buildings at 

She is also the co-host of The Jason and Pili Project - a fun and interactive YouTube channel that features all the fun that she and Jason are working on. Look out for a new Project coming out Q1 2022. Her goal is to help one person a day take one step closer to a Fit and Rich Life.

She and Jason have three awesome children, Luke, Lily, and Leo, and an English Bulldog, Jill. 

Pili has her NJ Real Estate License with EXP Commercial.

Alessandra Thompson


Alessandra Thompson is a 25 year old Real Estate Investor and Analyst for Yarusi Holdings. 

From her experience in selling solar panels door to door to being a Senior Manager of Operations at a Startup, she quickly realized that she needed to take control of her freedom. 

She ended up finding her mentors on Clubhouse and left her “stable, secure job” in California to move to Nashville alone to get hands-on experience with them and be in close proximity to her market. 

She just recently closed on her first deal - a 36 unit multifamily property in Little Rock, Arkansas and her mission is to continue to scale her portfolio. The words she lives by are “success lies on the other side of fear” and truly believes life begins when we step outside of our comfort zone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a general partner? What is a limited partner? 
A general partner (GP) is also known as the syndicator or sponsor of the deal. They are responsible for overseeing and managing the project. The limited partner (LP), also known as the passive investor, provides equity to carry out the project. 

What is the minimum investment?
The general partners create the minimum investment amount per deal with most starting at a 25-50k minimum and a $250k maximum. 

What is the difference between a 506(b) and 506(c)?
A 506(b) is a deal that is open to any accredited investor and up to 35 sophisticated investors. A sophisticated investor is someone who does not meet the accredited investor requirements but has knowledge and experience in financing and business matters and is capable of evaluating merits and risks of prospective investments.

A 506(c) requires all investors to be accredited. This involves a strict verification process which requires tax returns, proof of income and assets as well as verification of net worth from an attorney or certified accountant. A 506(c) also allows for advertising the deal to the public while 506(b) offerings don’t.

What qualifies an accredited investor?
An accredited investor must exceed a net worth of $1,000,000 excluding a personal residence or an individual income above $200,000 in the last two years or a joint income with a spouse above $300,000. 

How frequently are distributions made?
Distributions are generally made quarterly and begin to accrue once the deal closes. Whether distributions can be sent will be based on the strategy, implementation and stage of the general partners project. At Yarusi Holdings distributions are sent quarterly. 

What is included in the property update? 
At Yarusi Holdings, the LP will receive a monthly update on the status of the deal. Monthly updates will include vacancy rates, renovation plans, where the deal stands in the business plan, new leasing rates compared to projections, what capex has been started, any updates on the market etc. 

Can I invest with my IRA? 
Yes you can invest through a self directed IRA. This will allow you to invest tax-advantaged retirement funds into real estate. You must have an entity that specializes in SD accounts that will manage the transaction, paperwork and financial reporting. This custodian will protect you from any violations and typically charge a fee. 

What are the tax benefits?
Depreciation: An income tax deduction that allows a taxpayer to recover the cost of a real estate investment that accounts for the property’s exhaustion or “wear and tear” over time. This is a paper loss that effectively offsets the cash flow generated on an investment property by reducing the income thus lowering the taxes owed. 
Cost Segregation: Accelerated depreciation that separates personal property from land and building improvements. It assigns a useful life to each asset segregated
Bonus Depreciation: This is an enhanced version of accelerated depreciation in which investors can take all of the front loaded depreciation in year one instead of waiting over the 5-15 years. This is extremely helpful for those that have significant K-1 passive activity gains from other sources. 

What is a K-1? 
Your investment is made into an LLC that acquires the property. Each investor within the LLC will receive a K-1. This is a tax form provided for investors with information on their share of a partnership’s taxable income. This is not subject to a federal or state income tax but used for an individual to report his/her share of the partnership’s income, deductions, gains and losses. 

What is a PPM? 
The PPM is a private placement memorandum. It is a legal document provided for investors with full disclosure on their investment based on the federal securities law. It includes what is required of investors, what fees and commissions the Sponsor earns and full description of the investment property. It includes a summary of the subject property, all warnings and disclosures of the investment, the legal agreement and subscription agreement.

What is my money being used for? 
Investor funds go towards the down payment for the loan, renovation and capex items, fees charged for putting the deal together and initial operating and reserve funds for the property. The PPM will have a detailed section of the uses of equity.

How long do I have to keep my capital in the deal? 
The GP will provide their projected business plan for LP’s so the LP can have the opportunity to decide whether this opportunity is right at this time for the LP. The business plan will include the holding period requirement to keep the capital in the deal until the project has been completed. Typically these investments are illiquid until a refinance or sale event occurs to allow for return of capital.

Do you invest your own money into the deal? 
Typically yes unless otherwise stated. It is reassuring when the GP is invested in the deal with the LP as it shows trust in the numbers as well as the risk associated. This shows the LP that the GP is confident with their projected returns. 

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