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Yarusi Holdings is a multifamily investment firm that repositions under performing properties though operational efficiencies, rebranding and value-add renovations.

Our Investment Strategy

Value-add, rebranding, management and the successful exit of undervalued multifamily properties acquired on and off market. We acquire properties that have been badly maintained and mismanaged. With our successful process of repositioning though branding, renovations and better management we are able to drastically improve the value of the asset and provide our investors with monthly passive income, tax advantages and a proven ability to correctly exit a property to provide our investors and partners with the greatest return on their investment.

Our Process

Step 1


Continuous pipeline of opportunities and detailed analysis of each market and deal.

Step 2


Extensive underwriting on a selection of deals that pass through our approved criteria funnel.

Step 3


Offer on properties that pass our deal testing. The deals will be scrutinized against market comparables and metrics.

Step 4


Close on an accepted offer that has been vetted though our intensive due diligence process and meets our investment standards.

Step 5


Use our three tier system to Rebrand, reposition and improve operations

Step 6


Continuous market analysis to match the property plan with market fundamentals to allow our team to choose the best path for investors and property

Step 7 


Repeat process starting with step 1.

Property Portfolio

Huntington Lane

A 58 Unit Multifamily Property in 
Louisville, KY.
Position: Asset Manager, Sponsor and General Partner.

Preston Commons

A 48 Unit Multifamily Property in 
Louisville, KY.
Position: Asset Manager, Sponsor and General Partner.

Reserve At Walnut Creek

A 284 unit Multifamily Property in 
Austin, TX.
Position: General Partner.

Orchard Manor

A 32 Unit Multifamily Property in 
Louisville, KY.
Position: Asset Manager, Sponsor and General Partner.

Legacy - Lanier

A 150 Unit Multifamily Property in 
Lanier, GA.
Position: General Partner.

Legacy - Norcross

A 100 Unit Property in Norcross, GA.
Position: General Partner.


Norbrook Arms

A 94 Unit Multifamily Property in Louisville, KY.
Position: Asset Manager, Sponsor and General Partner. 
Holding Period: 32 Months
Increase in Valuation: 73%
IRR: 35.32%

Buy, Reposition and Sale of 94 Unit - a case study


Jason and Pili are active Real Estate Syndicators and Real Estate Investors. In 2016 they founded Yarusi Holdings, a multifamily investment firm. They are General Partners on over 800 units with 450 units under management. The firm repositions properties through operational efficiencies, moderate to extensive renovations and complete rebranding.

Hosts of The Jason and Pili Project. A project to serve those looking to lead a Fit, Rich Life.

Jason and Pili are founders of the New Jersey Multifamily Foundation Club with over 2,200 members that focuses on Real Estate Syndication and Multifamily Investing.

Jason has started and exited multiple businesses in the past 15 years and the family construction business has a niche industry position in raising and moving structures. The company has elevated over 2,000 homes in the last 7 years alone.

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