Time Versus Money


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Jide Alufa began his investing career in 2015 after investing in himself and getting a mentor from the very beginning! Marvin Espinal was on his way to getting his doctorate in Physical Therapy before the REI bug hit him. Marvin started about 8 years ago renovating properties off the MLS in the DC and Maryland markets. After a visit to Ohio introduced him to a new, less expensive market? his business took off. When the MLS dried up, Marvin came back to his original market to focus. Jide and Marvin met at an REIA meeting that Marvin was speaking at.

Jide on Investing on Yourself: “I trust You.” Jide spoke with his wife and she was ALL IN! She trusted him to succeed and take their lives and new business to the highest level.

Marvin on SYSTEMS: “I’m only one person and I can’t renovate an entire property by myself? It’s alway been a concept of time or money. Whether I’m going to give up a tone of time to save some money or if I’m going to give up some money to have more time. At the end of the day YOU CAN’T BUY MORE TIME.”

Jide on the HUSTLE: “You best believe I’m going to get it done!” When Jide decided to jump into the world of Real Estate he dropped 25K on a coaching program. It was one of the best decisions that he made. It forced him to LEARN, GROW and HUSTLE!

ON PARTNERSHIPS: Jide is the happy, customer service orientated face of the company. “The people Person.” Marvin is the “stoic” numbers guy? detached when it comes to decision making. A perfect combination!

Jide and Marvin focus is primarily on Wholesaling. They focus on time vs. money and the wholesale/wholetail model gives them the returns they seek in both arenas.

ON FOLLOW UP: Jide and Marvin have an AMAZING FOLLOW UP SYSTEMS! Listen in to find out their personal touch! Hint: it’s all about finding out what the sellers favorite mode of communication is!

ACTIONABLE STEP: Get Determined and Follow through. Network and and make relationships. Make a list of a hundred people that you know and use this script: “Are you looking to sell a house in the next 6 months or do you know anyone that does.” And the follow up again every 3 months!!!


MARVIN: “How things start is how they finish.” If there is a buyer who starts flaky then that is how the whole transaction

JIDE: “Integrity.” The REI community is small with a long memory. Treat people with integrity.



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