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It’s Foundation Inspection Friday!

On Fridays we dive into the FOUNDATIONS of our business.

Today’s episode Delves into Building Success through Doing!

Pili and I just left seeing Solo and we loved it as we do all Star Wars Movies! It brings back our childhoods, our youth and the vision of hope that was a prevalent theme throughout Star Wars Films. And while Hope is something you must maintain in your life and being, nothing happens if you don’t combine that Hope with Doing.

Today’s episode is just that lesson. We see so many people having grand success that looks like it happened suddenly and immediately but what’s missing is the years spent struggling, learning, experimenting and failing in Epic fashion!

While someone looks to be on top today- their journey has been built on doing and getting it done and while they may seem to have it all together they are peddling like mad below the surface.

So our question to you today is how bad do you want to be happy and have the life you want or are you content to be mediocre. If you want to be better start now and get after it!

So grateful to you for listening!

Thank you!

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