Syndicated Investments – “You have to take action to change your life”


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Congrats to Reed Goossens on his upcoming nuptials!!! While backpacking in Europe and through living life through his adventures in Real Estate… Reed found love on a beach in Spain!!!

Reed is a serial real estate entrepreneur and founder of RSN Property Group. As a native Australian, He moved to the US to pursue his investing career.

A qualified structural engineer and project manager, Reed has been involved with construction and real estate since 2007. Reed’s expertise includes project management, property development and key stakeholder management. Reed has been involved in the development and acquisition of over $500 mill. worth of real estate and infrastructure across four continents; Australia, North America, Europe and South East Asia. After gaining valuable experience working in the engineering and construction industry, Reed decided to pursue his passion for real estate development and investing by starting RSN Property Group.

Throughout recent years Reed has developed his personal portfolio of solid cash flow investment properties. He believes now is the time to enhance and utilize the power of syndication investing to purchase apartment communities. Reed’s commitment to the development of a structured, systemized approach to researching, acquiring and managing investments provides the basis for RSN’s sound operating system.


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“You have to take action to change your life”
“It’s on you to take control.”
“Get on, go to your local REI Meeting and I challenge those people that if they go to one REI event once an month for six months they would have changed their life.”
“A fool and their money are easily parted.”
“Do the right thing.”


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