Success in Real Estate? – No new Thoughts!!! by Beka Shea


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Beka is a wonder woman power house of intelligence and drive. She is SOOO Awesome that we scrapped our original Intro! Beka is going to introduce herself:

I’m the youngest of 4 daughters and I grew up in rural Pennsylvania. Being the favorite child has given me an overabundance of confidence, which I use to my advantage quite often. (My sisters will kill me for saying that, but only because it’s true. :)). I’ve always been an exuberantly tenacious person, setting stretch goals and moving on to the next one.

Looking back at my life I find certain experiences really stand out, so let’s walk down that memory lane. I spent my junior year of high school as a congressional Page, working and living in DC running errands for Congress. It was a truly amazing experience and I’m sad the program doesn’t exist anymore. (But the fiscally conservative side of me totally gets it.)

I went to WPI for mechanical engineering on an ROTC scholarship, where I met my husband and some of my amazing best friends. When I graduated I became a US Naval Officer. My dream was to be a pilot, but unfortunately my eyes disagreed; instead I served on an Aircraft Carrier. It was a great consolation prize, and even though it was incredibly tough at times, I will treasure it.

After about 4 years in the Navy, I got a job as an engineer working in the energy arena, helping to build a power plant to support aircraft carriers stationed in Japan. (There’s a theme here.) I felt way out of my league and also incredibly excited to be a part of something so massively cool. I worked with that company for 7 years, and again was fortunate to be around some seriously amazing people.

When my 3rd daughter was born, I decided to spend less time traveling and more time at home. We bought our first rehab, which was a hoarder house that we essentially gutted, and I was hooked. Making ugly things pretty is my favorite. The first year I flipped 3 houses, the second year I flipped 6, and then I moved up to one a month and started building out a team to support that. This year we’re on track to do 20+ flips and a few wholesales, as well as venturing into the rental arena.

Words of wisdom:

“One foot in front of the other. You can achieve success that way. Incremental Success.”
“No new Thoughts!!!”
“Do the basics well.”

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