Ep.239 Find your zone of genius with Paul David Thompson!

Real Estate Property – Find your zone of genius with Paul David Thompson!


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Paul started investing after leaving his full time job he had for 17 years and started buying lower end properties for cash flow. Paul is now buying A-B properties with limited cash flow for appreciation!

Paul’s big focus is on mindset If you focus on the “why” you’ll be able to figure out the what!

One of the biggest pieces of advice that Paul could give is to go to your local RealEstate group, and network yourself!! Do it carefully and with the service to the other person

First! Paul’s focus is now to upgrade his portfolio, keeping a 10- 25 list of houses, And upgrade, for equity!

To get in touch with Paul you can visit www.PaulDavidThompson.com/Reifoundation

Thank you so much Paul for all your value!

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