Essential Real Estate Investment Tips


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Why That’s a Bad Idea and Why You Should Take Action Today!
Omar Khan has 10 years of investing experience across real estate and commodities with over
$3.7 BILLION in capital financing and M&A transactions. He has syndicated large multimillion
dollar deals across the U.S. and has advised high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs on
real estate portfolio allocations. Omar is a proud global citizen, having lived in Dubai, Toronto,
Calgary and Dallas, Texas.
Some topics covered:
-How Omar got started in Real Estate Investing and why?
-What does Omar do exactly?
-Advice for international investors investing in the U.S.
-How to make sure your meetings are productive for both sides
-Omar’s first syndication deal and why he chose to do it
-The importance of forming roles/partnerships in a deal and how they help productivity
-How has his mindset changed when looking at deals today vs when he started?
-Why beginner investors should Take Action TODAY vs waiting for the market to change
-How Omar identifies BAD deals
-What does Omar look at when picking a market to work in?
-One of Omar’s biggest pet peeves…
-Learn about his Underwriting Software coming soon and where to find it:
-Steps beginner investors should take to get started
-Words to live by
-How to reach Omar: or at
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