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The Top Multifamily Real Estate Investing Podcast Platforms to listen

“The original list, and a subsequent update, were compiled by Jason Yarusi and Pili Yarusi”

Just like our now-famous list of the top 20 real estate podcast platforms about REI Foundation where you can listen Jason and Pili and follow them. which has been seriously withered down over the years — some of the blogs here on our original Top 20 Real Estate Investing Podcast listing list simply died out, lost focus, or decreased in quality.

I thought it was high time that we updated this list by creating a new one — a live list that brings new blogs into the mix. Below you’ll find below our updated list of blogs about real estate investment — as well as the original top 20 list where you’ll see all those blogs that have faded or disappeared.

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The Top Real Estate Investing Blogs – Methodology

To put the original list together, we looked at close to 20 different platforms from both real estate investing–related companies and individual real estate investors. Here are a few things of note about the blogs selected:

Any post included in this list have been recommended by at least several people that I respect

They are updated on a regular basis

I generally have respect for the blogger/bloggers

Content is educational and informative

There are many other quality real estate investing blogs out there, but they couldn’t all make the list for one reason or another. Most didn’t make the cut for the following reasons:

It’s no longer active or simply don’t post at a regular enough frequency.

The blog spends too much time on topics other than real estate.

It is primarily a corporate blog, promoting the services of the company rather than providing top quality content for investors to learn from.

The blog spends too much time simply promoting products and services (affiliate or otherwise).

It uses some other tactics that annoyed me upon repeated visits.

I recommend you check these out, add them to your reader, and participate by sharing your thoughts in the comments after reading articles. With all that in mind, let’s take a look first at our original top 20 blogs, then at our revamped list as of May 2019 (in alphabetical order, not by preference):

Original Entries in Our Top Real Estate Blogs List

You might notice there are 23+ blogs listed here, not 20. That’s because some have rotated in and out over the years.

Here are the original top real estate blogs, most of which have fallen by the wayside:

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