Multifamily Apartment Units and Financial Freedom Jake Stanziano


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Have you ever been on the chopping block at work and unsure of your future job setting. Well how about seven years of avoiding layoffs ? That’s what Jake Stenziano faced as a pharmaceutical drug rep and why he decided that he had to take action and control of his financial future. Certain that he wanted to focus on yield he settled on buying apartment buildings and along with his partner Gino Barbaro embarked on the start of what is now a lucrative and fulfilling business  of acquiring multifamily and teaching others those methods along the way.

Jake attributes his success to mind set, attitude and self awareness and focuses on serving the customer with a goal of being the Chick-Fil-A of Multifamily Operators.

Jake, one part of Jake and Gino, has focused on creating a vertically integrated business which now includes Jake and Gino, Rand Partners, Rand Capital and Rand Property Management to name a few. They are both also very excited to launch Rand Cares which is an organization that helps to feed the children and is making its launch this Thanksgiving!

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