Ep.299 From 2 Flips in a Year to 150! Learn How Jared Irby Continues to Expand His Business!

Multi Family Properties For Sale

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Jared Irby, President of IRBY Homebuyers and the IRBY group companies, is an experienced entrepreneur with a unique and diverse skill set. Jared has opened and sold multiple successful ventures in his career. Two start-ups were taken to over $10 million per year in revenue with significant cash flow and profits. He is highly skilled in marketing, sales, and business management as his diverse experience has required. Jared attended the University of South Alabama on an academic scholarship but left prior to graduation to start his first of several successful ventures which rapidly grew to over 100 employees. He started buying and developing real estate 10 years ago and has never looked back. Jared is an Alabama Real Estate Licensee (inactive) and pursuing a CCIM designation. Over the last 10 years, Jared and his group have companies that have flipped hundreds of houses, acquired hundreds of apartment/rental units, and transacted tens of millions of dollars in real estate deals. Along with real estate and business, Jared is passionate about spending time with his two young daughters and is also a licensed pilot that enjoys ample amounts of flying, hunting, fishing, and boating along the amazing Gulf Coast where he calls home.


Some topics covered:


-Why did Jared get started in Real Estate?

-What’s Jared’s elevator pitch when someone asks him what he does?

-How did Jared learn how to do this and get started?

-Jared’s crossroads to go full time in real estate

-Doing real estate full-time or on the side from your job

-If Jared could go back, what would he do differently or what advice would he give himself?

-Jared gives you his tips on how to accurately estimate repairs when flipping

-How Jared’s business has grown to 150 deals last year

-Who was Jared’s first hire?

-Tips on hiring successfully and finding the right people

-Successful marketing techniques Jared uses

-What is Jared looking to improve in his business today?

-What do the next 12 months look like for Jared?

-A lesson Jared has learn from another real estate professional that has impacted his business

in a positive way?

-An actionable step that someone starting out in real estate should do?

-Does Jared have a routine that really makes him successful?

-Words Jared lives by

-Best way to find Jared: Facebook: Irby Home Buyers, Instagram @irby_homebuyers or his new

mastermind group: Empire Forge Mastermind (empireforgemastermind.com)


We appreciate you for listening.


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