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Kevin Bupp got really lucky when he met his first Mentor at the young age of 20. After going to a Real Estate Boot Camp he was hooked! He followed and learned from this first mentor for a year before starting out on his own.

ON MENTORS: “A lot of people are looking for mentors and I wasn’t looking… so I really consider myself lucky because I don’t know what I would be doing in life, I honestly don’t know what I would be doing if it wasn’t for David…”

At 25 he started in Multifamily with the largest being 76 units!

In 2008 the crash happened. He got out of Real Estate, started a few other businesses and got back in around 2010.

2010 he got into Mobile Home Parks!!! Now Kevin has over 1000 pads.

WHY MOBLIE HOME PARKS: “We all know there is an affordable housing crisis in the United States… Mobile home parks serve the affordable housing need.”

“It is the only asset class that has a diminishing supply.”

“The turnover rate is much lower (than other asset classes.”

ACTIONABLE STEP: ACTION is the big thing… Pick a FOCUS…put some blinders on… Give yourself an entire year to focus on this one niche.”

“I really want to be the best on what we do.”

LAST WORD: “Figure out what your why is. Why do you wake up the next day. That’s what everything else should revolve around…”

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