Longevity in Investing: Julita Moss


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Julita Began her real estate investing career in 2005. Looking predominantly to Buy and Hold, Julita started small. Started slowly. And grew her portfolio year after year. She began flipping during that time as well.

WHY DID SHE LEAVE HER CORPORATE JOB AFTER 14 YEARS!: “It was the desire! It was the desire that I did not want to go back to a corporate job… I did not want that life anymore!”

HOW DOES JULITA BALANCE FAMILY AND BUSINESS: “For me, personally, Family always came first. In our life, we determined that our kids were to be put first. Before any jobs any careers. But at the same time we had goals and dreams… so we really just started WITH A PLAN!!!” Listen in for more on PLANNING FOR SUCCES!!!

Julita looked an what was important to her, what were her goals and what were the steps she needed to take to achieve them.

JULITA’S FAITH IN HERSELF: For a period of time Julita was a single mother of THREE CHILDREN. “I never felt like it was work. I enjoy it. It’s a job. Its not a get rich over night scheme… It’s not easy! There are days that you want to give up.There are days that you want to throw in the towel. And, Believe me… there were many days that I reached out to a friend or to my Mom… and say I think I just need to go back to cooperate America… but when the time passed and the little ugliness would pass then I would refocus and stay energized!”

ON MANGING YOURSELF and YOUR BUSINESS: “Sometimes you just need to break away from it. Take a vacation. Go to the park. Get away from your desk. A lot of us (RE Investors)work from home. That was a hard transition for me?” Julita went from a steady 7A-5P job. She would come home and take care of dinner and take care of her children to? “nobody is telling me what to do, giving me a budget to work with, giving me KPI’s that I had to meet? I had to figure it out!”

ON MENTORSHIP: Julita is currently apart of 7 Figure Flipping by Justin Williams. A program that takes high level investors and shoots their systems and businesses to levels previously unattainable. Julita has always used the leverage of MENTORSHIP. When Julita first started she was a part of a program that had coaching every two weeks where she could hone her skills and continue to work on her business.

“It’s really about making the COMMITMENT to your education!”

FULL CIRCLE MOMENT: Julita’s former mentor is now her Acquisitions Manager!!! He told her to “invest in her education.”


“My kids. My Family.”


On her children joining her in the business: “I am giving them more than a business. I am giving them a way of life.”

“Treat others as you want to be treated.”

“Stay grounded. Remember who you are.”


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