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Justin’s Why- To provide his family with the ideal life.
Justin brought on a mentor, Matt Faircloth to guide Justin in the right direction. Justin started off with turn key investments, he fixed up a house that could be rented out quickly, with little repairs. He used connections to build relationships with local investors and brokers, to expand his network. Justin realized that house flipping wasn’t for him, so he stuck to turn key buys, until he did some more research and decided to go into apartment syndications. Making a checklist of what he wanted in a complex, and following that guide help him get to what he wanted for quality standards. He now has a 3 year plan in place: to bring up rent in his current investment that way he brings up the market value and continue the search for other investments! His biggest tip he could give? TELL EVERYONE WHAT YOUR DOING!!!
Even if the person your talking to doesn’t care or isn’t interested, they may know someone who is, so talk about it! The best way to get your business around is by word of mouth!

Thank you so much Justin for all your value!
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