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Clint’s why- Jeff Cone, Clint’s childhood best friend has a real estate team in Omaha Nebraska, and they connected and decided to do a flip together, after success with that flip they decided to make their flipping company Dynamic Properties and dove into investing from there! Marketing to sellers really helped get their business around.

Joining the mastermind group 7 figure flipping helped educate Clint, and helped grow his business and himself, he was given the permission to succeed! 

Hiring two full time callers, two agents as acquisition managers, a project manager, and a regular contractor helped Clint feel confident that all that needs to be done is getting done so that he has freedom to spend time with family, friends and vacationing! Not working 80 hour weeks.

The company’s 5 year goal is to own 1,000 units!

If you would like to get in contact with Clint you can email him directly at Clint@dpomaha.com

Thank you so much Clint for all your value!

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