How to Flipping Houses & Developing Financial Freedom in Real Estate


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Danny Johnson had a great paying job as a software developer, but… he was tired of not being in control of what he did every day, not being able to take vacations when and for as long as he wanted, and just not happy with a job that wasn’t fulfilling.

He wanted to be his own boss.

So he worked hard and became his own boss.

Danny and Melissa (his wife) were able to achieve freedom by flipping houses. It didn’t happen overnight. They started part-time and worked at it during evenings and weekends. And they now have MULTIPLE BUSINESSES under the umbrella of Real Estate!!! They have their Flipping and wholesaling company, a 6 week course on how to flip and wholesale, a podcast and REIMobile a software he developed for RE Investors!!!

Besides his obsession with flipping houses, Danny also has a beautiful family (5 kids!), he enjoys riding a 1977 motorcycle, flying his airplane and developing software.

Yes, He’s always loved developing software. It just turns out that he didn’t like doing it for someone else.

Where to find Danny:

Flipping Junkie Podcast.

If you are looking for cheap houses in San Antonio to buy for investment or just want to buy investment properties or fixer upper houses, visit:

Danny has also developed a comprehensive course that teaches how to get started flipping houses by wholesaling. This is the absolute best way to get started without much money or time. You can find out more about the 6 week online training at:

Danny has also created a software system to keep track of leads, follow ups, repair estimates, deal analysis, closings, team members and really just about everything that has to do with a house flipping business. If you want to find out more, check out:

ALSO… Look up Flip Pilot on Facebook!!! For Investors looking for the high level view of their businesses!!!

Words of Wisdom on getting started in Real Estate:

“One day we believed we could do it.”
“I don’t need to illuminate the entire path… my car illuminates far enough for me to drive to that spot and it keeps going…”

Thank you so very much to Danny Johnson for being on our podcast. And… thank you to you for listening!

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