Ep. 245 Invest in yourself, believe you are your biggest asset! 5 minutes to success with Karen Brisco!

How To Find Real Estate Investors – 5 Minutes To Success With Karen Brisco!


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On this episode of the Rei podcast, we have on Karen Briscoe!

Karen is the creator of the ” 5 Minute Success” concept! And author to a few top rated books! She is the principal owner of the Huckaby Briscoe Conroy Group with Keller Williams, and through the HBC group Karen and her business partner Lizzy Conroy launched Community Charity Champions, to raise funds for local nonprofit groups and organizations.

Karen touches base on the “Secrets Of A Top Agent Revealed” One of her books!

Tune into hear what advise Karen has to become successful!

To get in touch with Karen visit www.5minutesuccess.com

Thank you so much Karen for all your value!

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