Ep. 251 Want To Get Paid To Spend Time With Your Family? Julie and Annie Want to Educate You On the Power of Passive Income!

How Much do Real Estate Investors Make


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As founders of Goodegg Investments, Julie Lam and Annie Dickerson have syndicated 2,200+
multifamily units and 1,000+ self-storage units’ worth over $236,500,000. As a Real Estate
investment company, they focus on preserving and growing investors’ capital by identifying
investment opportunities that are acquired and managed by experienced partners that have
proven track records of success. Through this process investors leverage their knowledge,
expertise, and relationships within the multifamily apartment/self-storage space.

Some topics covered:
-The power of partnerships/why and how their partnership has taken them to the next level of
Real Estate investing
-How did mentorship effect their lives and how did it help the, get to where they are today and
the responsibility that comes with dealing with other people’s money in syndication.
– Where is your business today? What are you trying to accomplish today and where are you
looking to go?
-The launch of their new education platform
-The challenge of switching from a working mother to a full time real estate investor and
balancing this new work-life balance.
-The difficulty of setting and maintaining the boundaries of personal time and work time.
-The importance of taking time for yourself
-What is your why?
-Words that you live by?
-Best way to connect with them: Julie@goodegginvestments.com and
annie@goodegginvestments.com to learn more about Passive Real Estate Investor Academy.
Learn more about Julie and Annie at goodegginvestments.com
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