Episode 2: Meet Trevor McGregor

“Houses for Sale” – Meet Trevor McGregor For Help!


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Trevor is a Master Coach having completed well over 10,000 coaching hours, working with hundreds of clients from around the world to achieve success and fulfillment, including Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, and world-class professionals.

His mission is to assist others to achieve better health, and more wealth, freedom and contribution than they ever thought possible.

Trevor’s unique gift is working with people to help them realise their true and hidden potential. He’s transformed the lives of countless clients, inspiring them both personally and professionally to quickly break through barriers to being their best, taking action and living life on their terms.

Trevor helps people to laser in on what they really want, breakthrough what’s holding them back and get clarity on what they need to powerfully move forward.

We would like to thank Trevor for his Guidance and Powerful Light in our lives. To reach him go to www.coachwithtrevor.com for your FREE 30 minute Discovery Session.

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