Yes Yes! Home Fliper – Justin Williams Discovers Systems Above the Negative & Naysayers


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In 2013ish Justin blogs that he flips 100+ homes without seeing any of them! He flips homes like a hotdog machine! He only works four hours a week in his business!!!


Yes. Yes way. He’s not lying. This guy is legit. Justin is an action taker and business man. And all around awesome and nice guy!!! He has figured out systems to flip homes as a business. He “works ON his business, not IN his business.” He shows us through his journey how he went from not being able to pay the rent to six figures, then seven figures!

And then he GIVES IT ALL AWAY!

“Contribution is what matters.” In his coaching programs he gives his systems away. He adds value to others by sharing everything he has discovered.

Where you can find him???

Thank you so much to Justin Williams! Thank you so much to you for listening to the ultra fun and uber educational podcast!

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