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Ola, an entrepreneur at heart, brings his experience in owning and managing cash flowing multifamily property in his personal real estate portfolio to larger multifamily investing. This foundational experience derived from the strategic acquisition, renovation, and repositioning has been instrumental in the apartment syndication space, resulting in a competitive edge in value add and equity creation. In addition, Ola draws from his leadership and analytic skills as a Sr Business Analyst for a fortune 10 company.

“I was born in Nigeria and went to school in the UK. I was in a stage where I was wondering what I was going to do with my life. A friend of mine asked me to meet him in Dubai for a meeting. Everybody told me not to go. Long story short, I got on the plane to Dubai. He showed me what he was doing and how quickly it was growing. After two days we took a deep dive into his business and how he doubled his business in a year. I decided to do what he was going in the US. Through my research I found BiggerPockets which lead me to Rich Dad Poor Dad. When I read this book I realized it was everything I needed to know. The rest is history.”

“I love this stuff Jason, I love mindset. I love the ability to dream. Everything around us was somebody’s dream. The buildings, structures, houses was all in somebody’s head. If we can see it in our mind we can bring our thought into fruition, but your thinking has to be withing reality. Can I be an apartment building owner in a year? Yes. Can I be on Mars in a day? No. It’s about bench marking your goal to reality. But most importantly, it’s about why you are doing it. Map out what you want out of life and you can get closer and closer to your dreams.”

“As you are growing your business you will realize you can’t do everything by yourself. Our growing pain is building a team that fits within our culture and fit with our philosophy. Finding the right person is hard, so what we do is ask them what we can do for them first. If we can give value to them, then the relationship will be strong. To find the right people we post our ads everywhere. Since everything is so global now we are placing ads in Universities, Facebook, and Instagram.”


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