Foundation Inspection Friday: Large Apt Investing with Kevin Dowling


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On this Foundation Inspection Friday, Jason and
Pili sit down to talk Syndication and Apartment Complex investing. Introducing… their partner and all around purveyor of awesomeness, Kevin Dowling. Kevin served in the United States Military for many years as a Marine. (I told you HE is Awesome– listen in!) After leaving the military, he got into residential and commercial real estate. Oak Capital Partners is the brain child of good barbecue, a few beers, and a couple of friends who realized that they have mutual goals of large scale and long term investing. OCP has closed on it’s first 94 unit apartment complex in Louisville, Kentucky. Jason and Kevin delve into the Foundations of their partnership and the steps they took to build their business and acquire this huge WIN!

Thank you for your service and partnership, Kevin! The REI Foundation Podcast looks forward to having you back next month for an update!

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