“Foreclosed Homes” by Zachary and Stephanie Betters


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WARNING: HIGH VOLTAGE POWER COUPLE. Do not touch. You may be electrocuted by awesomeness!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO ZACHARY and STEPHANIE on their TENTH ANNIVERSARY! This sweet couple met in 2005 in college while working as EMT’s. It was love at first sight! Got married and in to flipping distressed homes in 2007. They now live in Charlotte, North Carolina with their three children and a massive Real Estate Empire.

Their first deal was their first home together! While Stephanie was dreaming sweet dreams of a perfect house and babies… Zachary ends up convincing her to buy the perfect FORECLOSED HOME!!! Perfectly covered in mold, everything leaking… COMPLETE DISASTER! Zachary carries Stephanie over the threshold of this money maker and there begins their journey.

They rode out the market crash on the proceeds of that first flip, went to grad school and started a family. Stephanie is a Nurse Practitioner and Zachary is a Physicians Assistant. These two have DAY JOBS that HELP HUMANITY… as well as a booming REAL ESTATE BUSINESS! In 2014 the Betters made the decision to jump back in. Once they took the incredible synergy of their relationship and focused it on their goals… nothing has stopped them. Last year they did 8 deals… This year they already have 43 on the books!

If you can find the perfect business business partner… as Stephanie and Zachary have found in Marriage and Business… “one and one does not equal two – it equals infinity.”

On Partnerships:

“Having (your business partner) be your spouse… there is no OFF button. If you don’t force an OFF TIME, there is no off time. …We struggle with this. IT IS A DAY TO DAY CONVERSATION.”

“Family Fun Friday!” At 4 pm when their children come home the Real Estate machine takes a backseat and the Betters focus on Family. Focus on their reasons WHY!

Find your counterbalance. As a business you write down goals and plans… why not do it for your family as well. Write down what you want to accomplish with your family for the summer and DO IT!

Words to live by:

“Whatever it takes.”

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