“Flipping Single Family Homes” – John Azar


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In 2013 John Azar and his brother combine forces to take over the Multifamily world. Their firm now controls over 5500 units. Listen in to find out how John and his family came from war torn Syria to the US in his senior year of High School to taking over the Multifamily world! So INSPIRATIONAL! So MOTIVATING!!!

WHY IS JOHN SO SUCCESSFUL: “We learn from our failures… Unless you take that chance you will not know what the reward might be. I have always been a huge fan of Failure. Using Failure as a teaching tool rather than just a lesson learned.” John loves failure so much he is giving a TED TALK about it on October 13!

John admits that he has had many failed businesses. He has TRIED and FAILED many times. “Embrace the Failure!!” If you are afraid to take that next step because you are afraid to fail you need to learn to embrace it! Unless you are in some real sort of danger… the fear is in your mind. Do the work. Take the leap.

THE ARGUMENT FOR MULTIFAMILY: From a back ground in finance to flipping single family homes to a Multifamily empire. Multifamily is easily the safest class of real estate. When speaking to other investors. “I love having these arguments! It’s like them bringing a knife to a gun fight. Its not a fair fight!” In this podcast John gives us the all the arguments for Multifamily real estate.

ACTIONABLE STEPS TOWARDS YOUR FIRST DEAL: “The Hurdles are real.” Secure your financing fro a debt and equity perspective. And… learn about Syndication. Put the word out there that you are looking for financing. “How do you eat a whale? One bite at a time.”

Mr. John Azar gives so much value in this podcast. This is the man to listen to if you are in Multifamily. John had every reason to hide from success. He had every reason to be afraid…. and he and his family broke through (and continue to demolish) all the barriers.

Listen in to find out how John came from war torn Syria to the US in his senior year of High School to taking over the Multifamily world! So INSPIRATIONAL so MOTIVATING!!!



So very grateful for the value that John Azar has brought to us today! So very grateful to you for listening!

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