Episode 23: John Martinez: Everyone can learn Sales

Flipping Houses for a Living By John Martinez


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If you have the willingness and drive to learn… you can learn how to SELL! Especially if your coach is John Martinez. John has personally renovated, revamped and revitalized the sales of over 250 companies.

His Training Platform: REI Sales Academy, holds master classes 4 times per year. So if you’ve struggled to buy as many houses as you’d like, at the prices you need them at, I invite you to apply to his program at:


John posted this last week:

“I think the only reason I’ve been able to find success in sales is because I always felt like a failure.
I never felt good enough.

From being extremely embarrassed about my speech impediment (that I had through the 5th grade), to sucking at baseball, football, track AND basketball in high school, and my failure to stick with any one job for more than 6 months until I was in my mid-20s…

…I never felt “good enough”.

It led to heavy drug use at 15 years old… and I mean heavy… 7 days per week, at school, home and work… pushing my body to its limits.

It led to a depression that followed me until I was about 30.

That horrible feeling of being nothing special drove me to hop on a plane, at 17, literally the day after graduation, to join the Marines in San Diego, against the wishes of my father who served in the Marine Corps through Vietnam, and is haunted to this day from the experience.

That deep desire to to become something led to 5 years in the gym….pushing myself to grow from a 135 pound weakling to a lean and mean 200 pounds.

That chase, that need, that yearning to be admired, respected, and taken seriously pushed me to study hard, work harder than anyone I’ve ever known, and eventually become a master at sales… over a period of 20 years.
Today, I still feel like I have a lot of room to grow.

So I still constantly try to hone my sales skills by selling with the teams I train all over the country… by reading, watching and consuming everything I can about how people make decisions… from the perspectives of biology, psychology, behavioral economics and the other social sciences, neuroscience and neuro-economics and systems thinking.

And, I’ve found something to be proud of. I can undoubtedly say, with 100% confidence and certainty, that I can teach anybody with a will to learn, the ability to sell effectively with ease.

I can confidently confess that there is no one else on the planet better equipped to train real estate investors and acquisition agents how to buy houses, direct-from-seller, at deep discounts.

That’s not something I say without proof or a solid track record to back it up.

That’s not something I share without a sense of humility and gratefulness.”

John Martinez can help you take you, your sales team and your business to the next level.

Book you must read:

Spin Selling, by Neil Rackham

Words of Wisdom (and another book you should read):

Screw it, Just Do it, by Richard Branson

Where to find John:


Thank you to John for his service and exceptional sale training.

Thank you to you for listening!

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