“FLIP HACKING” From 0 to 7 Figures – Steven Pesavento and Dave Beford


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It has been ONE YEAR. Steven Pesavento and Dave Beford met exactly one year ago at FLIP HACKING LIVE. They have gone from NO DEALS to making SEVEN FIGURES THIS YEAR.


If they can do it you can too!

Dave Beford was active duty military for 11 years. His first foray in to real estate was in 2010 with a rental in Georgia (that still cash flows). After many years of working many other jobs? he finally took the dive?

Steven Pesavento grew up watching HGTV in a construction family. His 9-5 jobs have included management consulting and some other job in the tech sector. Like many, Steven had a multitude of LIMITING BELIEFS that kept him from taking the leap?


ON SUPPORT: Dave and Megan have been married for almost 14 years. Megan could see that Dave was unhappy. “She was pushing me towards leaving corporate America? she got her real estate licence and is killing it!” Not only did Megan SUPPORT Dave BUT SHE IS ALSO A CONDUIT OF SUCCESS!!!

On LIMITING BELIEFS: Steven had to realize that with the right partnership and mentorship YOU CAN LEARN. He cut himself from all options and pushed.

“I saw that other people were doing it.”

ON PARTNERSHIPS: “You have to be alined in values? on the mission you are working towards and the goals you are going after. We talked for months before going into business.”


Dave and Steven met at FLIP HACKING LIVE, a real estate conference held yearly in San Diego, California by House Flipping HQ Mentor Justin Williams.

Dave: “The best part and the most powerful part is being around people who are doing more than you. People who force you to raise your game.”

Steven: “It’s being surrounded by people who are doing what you want to do and at different levels.” People who you can learn from and people who you can teach.

Do you want to learn from Dave and Steven? DO ou want to find out first hand how they went from 0 to SEVEN FIGURES in a year? Check out www.7figureflipping.com or www.houseflippingHQ.com to learn more about this awesome group!


“Just do it. Stop thinking and do it? DO IT TODAY!”

“Call up a for sale by owner. GO see their house and make an offer.”


DAVE: “Why live an ordinary life when you can live an extraordinary life

STEVEN: “You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.”

“A big part of growing a business is managing people? People are the MOST IMPORTANT part of this business.”



So grateful to Steven and Dave for sharing their extraordinary lives! And thank you for listening!

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