Ep. 415: Helping People Win With $$$ with Christopher Calandra!

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Christopher Calandra is the founder and principal of Elliot Wealth Management Services, LLC

which has offices in Connecticut and Florida. Christopher is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL

PLANNER (CFP) with over twenty-six years of experience helping entrepreneurs, retirees, and

families achieve their financial goals and objectives. He is dedicated to providing each client

with the individual attention and tailored strategies to achieve their goals. Towards that end,

Chris is committed to devoting as much time and effort possible with clients to explain financial

concepts, strategies, and investment alternatives in a way that is easily understood; allowing

Chris’s diverse client base to make informed financial decisions. Christopher is also the Host of

the Simply Financial Podcast and cohost of the Carnivore Radio program which can be heard

throughout Hartford County on 88.1 FM and online on wesufm.org. Chris has been involved in

Real Estate Investing for over 25 years. He bought his first investment property at the age of 23.

His experience includes new home construction, flipping, residential income properties,

commercial income properties and creative financing. His current portfolio includes single

family, multi-family and commercial income producing properties. His proficiencies include

investing, remodeling, maintenance and reselling.

Some topics covered:

-What was the “trigger” that made Chris decide to get into real estate?

-With all the different asset types, which does Chris like to focus on?

-When did Chris decide to start Elliot Wealth Management?

-How and where does the financial planner side help the investing side and vice versa?

-Chris goes over the 7 Wealth Building Rules for Real Estate Investors

-What were the learning lessons for Chris when working in rough situations?

-Where to learn more about Chris and Elliott Wealth Management: www.elliottwealth.com  and sign up for your free complementary consultation.

-Check out Chris’s podcast Simply Financial


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