Ep. 361: From Custom Homes to Passively Investing in Large Multifamily with Chad Hudson

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Chad Hudson is the owner and founder of Savoy Companies which specializes in buying,

selling, building, remodeling and owner-financing real estate since 2000. Chad, as the sole

owner of Savoy, has done over 100+ transactions and held over 40+ rental properties. 

Over the years, Savoy has moved away from Single-Family, Condos & small multi-family to passively investing in large apartment syndications. Chad’s current business strategy is to continue investing in apartment syndications and move into a sponsorship role while continuing to grow his custom home business known as Savoy Builders.

  • How to create scale
  • Why you need systems
  • How to use scale in your business
  • What to look for with in an operator
  • How to dominate with custom homes

… and much, much more!

 Connect with Chad at www.savoycompanies.com or chad@savoycompanies.com  or on Instagram and linkedin at Chad J. Hudson.  


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