Ep. 305 Whats It Like Investing From Outside the U.S. Seth Ferguson Shares His Investing

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Seth Ferguson has more than a decade of experience in high-performance real estate. As the

President of ALBA Capital Group, he partners with investors to acquire and improve multifamily

Properties in key growth markets. Seth speaks about various real estate topics and strategies,

and is the host of Purchase to Profits, where he interviews a successful real estate investor

every day. Seth also holds his real estate broker’s license in the province of Ontario and was

thrilled to publish his first real estate book, Sell For More, in 2018. Seth is a former professional

and junior hockey referee, he plays the bagpipes and is a huge history nerd.


Some topics covered:

-What drew Seth to real estate to start?

-What is Seth’s elevator pitch, when someone asks him what he does?

-Why did he focus on multifamily real estate?

-Where is Seth focusing his attention right now?

– Advantages and disadvantages/hurdles of investing in the U.S. from outside the country?

-Key indicators Seth looks at when looking at a market

-What is Seth’s “talk track” when talking to potential investors

-What metrics are more important to Seth in apartment buildings?

-Seth’s advice to those waiting for the market to change

-How does Seth’s podcast influence his business?

-Biggest lessons Seth has learned from others?

-Seth’s advice for beginners looking to get started

-Best way to reach Seth: youtube.com/sethferguson, sethferguson.org or albacapitalgroup.com

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