Ep. 287 The Value of “Hands On” Education and Team Building with Nizan Mosery!

The Value of Hands On Education and Team Building with Nizan Mosery!


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Nizan Mosery has been involved in real estate for the past 20 years and currently owns may properties nationally and worldwide. While living in New York, Nizan owned a construction field, working on numerous single family homes, multi-family and commercial projects of up to 300 units Since moving to South Florida in 2009, Nizan became a licensed real estate professional and is extensively involved in the South Florida market. Nizan owns K.E.A.N Realty Solutions a Florida based real estate brokerage firm and one of the first sole Commercial Remax franchises in South Florida. Nizan is also the founder of the South Florida Mastermind Society, one of South Florida’s first Commercial Real Estate Investment Group. Before Nizan studied business law and marketing at Pace University, which subsequently allowed him to secure a position at Lehmann Brothers, he was a member of the Israel Defense Force.

After leaving Lehmann Brothers, Nizan traveled the world for many years, spending time with foreign dignitaries and His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Nizan Mosery is the host of the acclaimed “The Traveling Investor” radio show and podcast on www.w4cy.com  radio every Thursday LIVE at 1pm EST.


Some topics covered:

-How and why did Nizan get started in Real Estate?

-When someone asks him what he does, what is his elevator pitch?

-The value of getting a hands on education from people with experience, who know what they’re


-What and when did Nizan make the decision to go all in on Real Estate?

-What were the “ah-ha” moments or moments that stood out when Nizan decided to take

advantage on a down market and why he decided to move from flipping residential to


-What is one mistake or setback that has been instrumental to his growth?

-How do beginners have that conversation with investors without a proven track record?

-What projects are Nizan excited about right now?

-What role does Nizan fill in his own team?

-What is Nizan’s WHY?

-Words to live by

-If Nizan were to go back and start over knowing what he knows today, what would be his first


-Best way to reach Nizan: email success@traveling-investor.com or on Instagram and

Facebook @thetravelinginvestor

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