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When we have everything in one place and a large number of things to maintain a property, it is helpful to hire on site employees and vendors. The best idea for beginner investors is to start small while getting to work with all properties. For experienced and sophisticated investors with a larger property, it might be beneficial to hire professionals like maintenance workers and managers to help maintain the property. Hiring a resident manager that can hire the full-time employees can save you time and hassle while giving your property higher value.

Finding Your Property:

Yarusi Holdings does a lot of research that we get online and from other resources to focus on an area of interest. An important data point when researching a property is the recent sales around the target property and more importantly, the rental costs. The better or more accurate your research is, the more informed you can be when making an offer on a property. For example, if you do your research and find the accurate rental costs in the area of your target property, you can run your numbers so that you are better prepared to put in a good offer and create a good deal.

Everything In One Place:

A major benefit to multifamily real estate is that all of your units are in one place. If you decide to invest around the area you live in, it is easier to stop or drive by and check on your apartment building than it is to drive to multiple single family rental properties. Multifamily real estate is more efficient in terms of maintenance. Instead of going around and fixing multiple issues, at multiple houses, in multiple locations, an apartment is just one property where you can focus your time and energy to make it easier to maintain.

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