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Nathan got his start in apartment investing when a man happened to walk into Nathan’s car dealership and pitched him an 18 unit he had for sale.

Nathan was given his first multifamily loan with no experience and bringing one year of tax returns and his wife to meet the banker.

BEFORE AND NOW: Nathan has owned and operated 40 businesses.

WHEN TOLD NO: “Don’t quit…only one person said no…keep doing what you want to do. Don’t quit.

ADVICE FOR WHY HE KNEW IT WAS A GOOD DEAL: Nathan ran the numbers he new to run. Finding what it would rent for and what was the debt service. After closing his first deal he was asked what cap rate was… he had no idea. The moral here. He saw a good opportunity and took action and knew enough to get moving.

AND: The second deal burned Nathan because he didn’t get the vital information in writing. Knowing your niche in and out is key.

Life Balance: Focusing on the money only gets you so far. Understanding that you are providing a home and helping others and focusing on those important factors trumps all else.


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