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Andrew Campbell is all about establishing and following up on his relationships. It is how he and his brother build their single-family rental portfolio. It is how he is working towards a THOUSAND UNITS. He is going to OUT RELATIONSHIP EVERYONE!!!

GETTING STARTED: Andrew moved back to Texas in 2008 to help take care of his father. He was on the corporate road until about 6 years ago when he purchased his first duplex.

‘It’s like crack… I really got addicted to it… we bought a duplex then a month later we bought a 4-plex my brother and but the end of that year we’d bought another 4-plex. We have 76 units that we scaled up to in about four years.”

TAKING ACTION: Andrew re-evaluated life after his father became sick. Andrew wanted more passive income. He watched his father work really hard to achieve success.

“My wife jokes that I used to read, “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor” (by Gary Keller) for FUN.”

“I think it was a combination of just being ready and having that EDUCATION and having that friend and support system… having that mentor.”

ON MENTORSHIP: “Mentors are huge… You’ve got to surround yourself with people… a support group. It’s critical to success.”

“You are the sum of the five people you hang out with the most. Its about constantly unleveling yourself and challenging yourself to compete with the folks that you are partnering with.”

“One of my favorite things about Real Estate: IT’S VERY VERY COOPERATIVE. It’s much more cooperative than competitive. If we were all looking at a deal we’d figure a way to help each other partner on it… rather than cut each other’s knees out.


When Andrew got into Real Estate he was looking to learn as much as he could about property management and rentals and rehabbing … really honing in on how to accelerate the clock to getting on to a beach and just having the checks roll in.

And now?

“Five years later I am FULL TIME into a position where we’re chasing big multifamily deals… I’VE NEVER WORKED HARDER IN MY LIFE, I’VE NEVER PUT IN MORE HOURS… BUT I’VE NEVER HAD MORE FUN!”

“I can work from where ever I want… I can take my kids to school… be there for them when they get off the bus…”

PARTNERSHIPS: “The Big move I made was getting a partner.” Andrew found someone with the same mindset but DIFFERENT SKILLSETS. He was able to mind shift in to this being a BUSINESS and not just a PROJECT.

THE RIGHT TIME TO JUMP INTO MULTIFAMILY: “It’s obviously a personal decision. It comes back to your comfort level and your financial situation. I had the backstop of a decent sized rental portfolio? Back to my wife pushing me.. I had to go do this. It had to be done. My fire for it, my passion for it was just overwhelming everything else.”

“If you have that much PASSION about something, you will be successful.”

THE FUTURE: “We’ve set a goal of buying a thousand Units. We want to have the capacity and capability to execute a thousand units. If we don’t hit a thousand units, we’re not going to be upset because WE DIDN’T FIND A THOUSAND UNITS THAT MADE SENSE. It’s the end of the cycle and we need to be disciplined. We want to have the team in place, we want to have the relationships, the equity? we want to see enough deals that we can go execute the 5 or 6 deals it will take to get to a thousand units.”


BIG WHY: “Being able to integrate my work and my family life? Being flexible in my life style? Being able to create the kind of life where I can be responsive to anything that life throws at you.”


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