Ep. 281 Always Fail Forward…With Only ONE Exception! Find Out Here with Dino Pierce

Active Multifamily Investors


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Dino Pierce is the CEO of Edified Equity and an Active Multifamily Investor. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has been part of numerous, profitable residential and multifamily, real estate investment acquisitions/transactions. He has been a Multifamily Expert Speaker for BiggerPockets, has an award winning blog featured on BiggerPockets, is the host/creator of the Purley Educational Facebook group “Multifamily Passive (Equity) Owners/Investors: Benefits of a Passive Owner,” and hosts the Edified Equity Podcast.


Some topics covered:

-How and why Dino got started in Real Estate?

-Why the move from Wholesaling to Multifamily?

-Why did it take Dino 11 months to close on his first multifamily deal and what was his biggest

concern in the whole process?

-Dino’s first steps when he decided to switch from Wholesaling to Multifamily and what did those

11 months consist of?

-What is the best way to prepare and approach investors, to be ready when a deal comes in.

-What tools, books, and mentors did Dino search for to learn more about Multifamily Investing?

-Dino’s first phone call with a commercial broker

-What did Dino’s first Multifamily deal look like and how did he piece together the team?

-Dino’s “Elevator Pitch” when someone asks him what he does?

-If Dino were to start over, what would he do differently?

-Dino’s pitch on why you should make the switch to Multifamily today

-What is Dino’s WHY?

-What mistake would Dino make AGAIN, because it was so instrumental in his growth as a real

estate investor?

-Who does Dino look up to/admire?

-What advice would he give a beginner in real estate investing?

-What is Dino’s morning routine?

-Words Dino lives by

-How to reach Dino: Facebook and LinkedIn- Dino Pierce, Podcast- Edified Equity


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