Jason is an active Real Estate Syndicator and Real Estate Investor. Jason founded Yarusi Holdings, a multifamily investment firm with over 800 units under management, in 2016. The firm repositions properties through operational efficiencies, moderate to extensive renovations and complete rebranding.

Jason also Hosts The Multifamily Foundation a podcast that provides actionable content and tools to build and strengthen your business. Covering all things multifamily from finding deals, to raising money, to asset management.

Jason is founder of the New Jersey Multifamily Foundation Club with over 2,000 members that focuses on Real Estate Syndication and Multifamily Investing and trains other on the success formula to buying apartment buildings at www.multifamilyfoundation.com.

Jason has started and exited multiple business in the past 15 years and his family construction business has a niche industry position in raising and moving structures. The company has elevated over 2,000 homes in the last 7 years alone.

Beyond real estate Jason spends his time with his wife Pili and 3 young kiddos Luke Lily and Leo and is an avid cross fitter and runner with his longest run, a 100 miler, coming up in November.

Find Jason at www.yarusiholdings.com  or jason@yarusiholdings.com  or on Instagram @jasonyarusi – Yarusi Holdings on Forbes Councils



Pilialoha Yarusi is a (Wonder)ful Woman, Amazing Wife, Loving Mommy and Awesome Human. She has partnered with her equally awesome Husband, Jason, and created Yarusi Holdings LLC a Large Multifamily Investment Firm. Currently they are General Partners in about 800 units with 250 under direct asset management. Her FOCUS is on large multifamily syndication and asset management. She has a GOAL of 450M in assets under management. Pili’s high level ACTION STEPS are providing her investors with capital preservation by looking for B-C class assets in the 20 – 50M range. Her markets include Kentucky, Georgia and Florida.

She runs the Investor and Client Relations branches of both Yarusi Holdings LLC and Multifamily Foundation LLC. Multifamily Foundation is Pili and Jason’s interactive edu- cation platform for investors to build a strong FOUNDATION with buying Large Multi-family.

She loves to play with her kiddos and husband, run, do yoga and crosst. She is currently raving about #75hard and her ultimate goal is to host a Mastermind in Maui…

She and Jason have three lovely children, Luke, Lily, and Leo, and two English Bulldogs, Jack and Jill.

Pili has her NJ Real Estate License.

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Jason and Pili are the hosts of the Real Estate Investing Foundation Podcast. This podcast is a platform to serve and help real estate investors take massive action through learning from the steps and missteps many industry pros have taken along the way. Yarusi Holdings LLC is a home solutions company that flips homes and operates beach side AirBNBs locally in New Jersey. The multifamily division, Oak Capital Partners, focuses on acquisitions of larger assets in the Midwest and Southeast, and currently controls over 100 units.

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