7-FIgure Entrepreneur with Bill Allen


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Bill Allen is a Navy pilot who flew into real estate investing due to his constant military moves. He moved 13 times in his 15 years of service (BILL – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!) Bill got his start in real estate as an accidental landlord in 2007 when he went on deployment and rented out his condo in San Diego. That continued in 2011 when he had to lead his primary

That continued in 2011 when he had to leave his primary residence in Pensacola, FL and move overseas for the military. When he got back to the US, he was getting married and wanted to figure out a way to fully retire in his early 40’s. Bill started buying rental houses and quickly realized that he was running out of money to build enough passive income to fully retire on. That’s when he turned to house flipping to build the capital required to buy more rentals. Bill started a company called Blackjack Real Estate, LLC in 2015 and he enjoyed flipping houses so much that he has continued to use that strategy for the last three years in Pensacola, FL. In 2016, Bill committed to a large marketing plan and shifted to a wholesaling and flipping business. In 2016, he flipped 13 houses and wholesaled 54 others while having a demanding full time job.

In April of 2017 he left active duty to pursue investing full time. Also in 2017, the company expanded into the Chattanooga,TN market did 170 deals and seven figures.

Congrats on all your success Bill!

IF SOMEONE ASKS YOU “WHAT DO YOU DO? WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER: “I day trade real estate from my house? that usually gets the conversation going because it makes them take a step back and say “What?” I used to struggle with that question…”

MORNING ROUTINE: “The night before, when I leave the office, I write down my three biggest things I need to complete tomorrow and I check those off by 7AM. My son gets up at 7, I get him ready for school? we hang out as a family until 8 and then I take him to school? and then I like to go to the gym until about 930? and I usually start my day at around 930 or 10.”

THIS IS GOLD? THIS IS WHAT FREEDOM LOOKS LIKE!!!! Because Bill set up the systems to basically run his business on auto pilot he can spend his mornings with his sons and wife ? he can create the life he wants!

MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE: “I saw my mentors? I remember the first few mastermind meetings that I went to? and they were sitting there without their computer open, with no phone, with their attention fully focused on us. Thats what they were doing. I was shocked at that. I was taking phone calls? everyone else in the room had their computers open responding to email ? trying to listen but they were all in their companies? running their companies. And these other guys were sitting at the back of the room just paying attention to us. Just giving to us.
I thought I would never get there?

That was really eye-opening for me. And this “E-Myth” mentality? of how the company runs and building something and all these ideas of how you can work ON your business and not IN it? AND the fact that these were just normal guys and even though they run million dollar companies and they’re not any different from you or me or anybody listening?”

Bill is now one of those “regular guys” giving back to other investors. His company made over 1 Million last year. Bill is now a Mentor in House Flipping HQ with Justin Williams. He has helped dozens of beginning investors start their business right. He has helped 6 figure investors break the 7 figure mark! Bill has taken his background in service in our military and now serves to promote the financial freedom of other investors.

Please listen in for all the golden nuggets? the systems and steps and stories? that will take you and your business to the next level.


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